One day at a time.

The naive view of what my 2014 year would be .  It is amazing how as humans we think a  year is going to be a “good one” based on having a good… Continue reading

My life has a soundtrack and I’m the dj.

It’s been awhile….life has been happening. I hope you are all ready for a plethora of awesome songs.  If it was possible, I would have a song for every emotion, action, situation or… Continue reading

Five minutes and six seconds of peace.

What gives you peace?  What allows you the ability to have that feeling of peace in your life?  It might last just one hour or more but after that “feeling” of peace… Continue reading


It’s that time again.  When the weather gets cold..the christmas music is playing..the love is in the air..there are christmas parties to attend..there are your crazy family members that come into town…and then… Continue reading

The love of sharing.

Like many college graduates, I am living with my parents now. Back in the house of the high school years..back to the typical chores..back to getting advice from your parents rather than your… Continue reading


Everyone has a certain way of escaping the world and just being. Some people enjoy reading…others watching tv..for me its putting my headphones in and daydreaming. When I listen to certain songs I… Continue reading

Love thy neighbor.

I have always been that girl who is against blogs.  My sister is the fashion blog diva, my friends are the witty and deep thinking bloggers and I have always been the non-blogger.… Continue reading