Love thy neighbor.

I have always been that girl who is against blogs.  My sister is the fashion blog diva, my friends are the witty and deep thinking bloggers and I have always been the non-blogger.  I never have found where I stood in this blog world until I realized how much I love to share my music. This is how I started my blog.

This blog is focused on giving back to those who love music but never know what to listen to.  Music is therapy in my life. I love all genres from rap music to christian music.  I hope I can help those who need to escape from the world for a few hours and just be.

The name of my blog is strawbrey for a reason.  My name is Aubrey and when I was in college a friend of mine gave me this nickname for the days when I was happy.  For those other “off days” I was called bluebrey.  This blog is focused on making those happy and giving back hence the name being strawbrey.  I want to serve others in a way that I know best. Making those happy with music. I strive to love thy neighbor always.

So with that being said this is my first action of giving back. The songs I post will have the artists name and song with the album cover. Click the album cover to see the music video!

Song: Towers

Artist: Bon Iver 


philippians 4:13