The love of sharing.

Like many college graduates, I am living with my parents now. Back in the house of the high school years..back to the typical chores..back to getting advice from your parents rather than your college roommate..but it’s free. As much as I complain..I can’t ask for better roommates right now. However, I am ready for that next step in my life.

I would say my  decision of moving home is wise but a challenge everyday. I’ve been blessed to have a job right out of college that has amazing co-workers and that is near my home. When I say amazing..I mean it. Who can honestly say that the only reason they are going to work in the morning is so that they can hang with their co-workers?  I would guess not many can. Moving home and back to the suburbs does not allow for many “new” friendships. Most people who are home are from high school. For me, high school was a closed chapter in my life and I don’t find joy going back and re-kindling many of those friendships. So the challenge is finding new friends. This job has done that for me. My co-worker… side kick.. and friend at work is named Jessica. We both have a love and passion for music that we were able to bond over. At work we are in charge of the music and the “experience” that we want our members to feel.  Jessica is the best about sharing and giving advice on life and on music choice. Here is one of many songs she has shared with me.  More to come..

| Artist: Freelance Whales

| Song: Generator ^ First Floor