Five minutes and six seconds of peace.

What gives you peace?  What allows you the ability to have that feeling of peace in your life?  It might last just one hour or more but after that “feeling” of peace you are ready to conquer anything.  For some, they get their peace from people for others it might be their distance from people.

My peace is felt not just with time with the Lord, but distancing myself from people..conversation..interactions. Allowing myself to recap my thoughts..days..interactions with others alone.  In that moment, I listen to music. I might be in my room with my headphones on..taking a walk alone..driving alone..anything where I can think and enjoy my music.

Today I took a long walk outside in what us Georgians think is “cold” weather while listening to one specific artist. His name is Talain.  My moment of peace lasted 5:06.

Song: 16

Artist: Talain Rayne 

Genre: Alternative

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