One day at a time.

The naive view of what my 2014 year would be .  It is amazing how as humans we think a  year is going to be a “good one” based on having a good job…having a nice place..having a solid relationship..having all of what we think will help have a “good year” set in place before midnight.  I was that person this year.  For 2014, my life, as I thought, was coming together. I was blessed with the perfect job, great salary, amazing place, and awesome roommate.  I soon acknowledged that my view of a “good year” was naive, narrow minded and all wrong. I realized that I didn’t have everything set in place, I just was being blessed by the grace of God in that moment. I should view it as being blessed not having it all set.

I say this because in the year of 2014, I realize that life is a daily challenge.  Not all people are able to perceive their New Years as a fresh start.  The beginning of this year has taught me how to handle fear, the unknown and the uncontrolled.  I ask God why them, how come, how do I help..?  It all comes back to God teaching me that all the materialistic and status quo of what signifies a “good year” is wrong.  A good year is having the people in your life present, healthy, loving the Lord, glorifying the Lord, loving themselves and being happy. It was eye opening for me. A wise woman in my life, has and will always say to me,”One day at a time.” It’s true. We all try and live these lives of perfection (whatever that is), instead of loving the moment of life we are in and living.

I test you to acknowledge what you’re blessed with daily and take that one day at a time.  These are the songs that helped me do this.

Song: Byegone

Artist: Volcano Choir


Song: Stay Alive

Artist: Jose Gonzalez


Song: XO

Artist: Beyonce


Song: Heartlines

Artist: Florence + The Machince

Florence And The Machine - Spectrum

Song: Step Out

Artist: Jose Gonzalez


Song: Spirit Break Out

Artist: Kim Walker- Smith


Song: Amazing Grace

Artist: Phil Wickam 

maxresdefault copy


Artist: The Amazing